In the automotive industry, we face the challenge of reducing vehicle weight without compromising on safety, performance, and functionality. Hot forming, also known as press hardening, is a key technology to make vehicles lighter and thus more fuel- and energy-efficient, while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions and environmental impact. Our advanced hot forming technology supports customers in achieving these ambitious goals.


Press Hardening Solutions for Every Heat Treatment Type

With our comprehensive experience, we are leaders in the manufacture of hot forming tools for ultra-high-strength steels and aluminum. We offer a wide range of forming processes, including Tailor Welded and Tailor Rolled Blanks, Patchwork Technique, and Tailored Tempering, to meet the demanding standards of automotive lightweight construction. Our processes are optimized through advanced tool design, sensor technology, efficient cooling systems, and high-quality materials.

Tailored Tempering

A Revolution in Metal Forming

Tailored Tempering, known as SoftZone, enables the targeted adjustment of properties in metal parts. This advanced technique revolutionizes hot forming by allowing different strengths and ductilities within a component, leading to exceptional crash performance. We are pioneers in the field of Tailored Tempering and offer leading solutions through our years of expertise.

The Next Generation of Efficiency

Through our ongoing research, we have developed SoftZone 2.0, which allows more precise temperature control by managing each heating cartridge. This simplifies troubleshooting in the event of heating cartridge failures and ensures seamless continuation of operations. With SoftZone 2.0, we are pushing the boundaries of hot forming to provide our customers with top-tier solutions that enhance production efficiency and meet customized component requirements.


Process Monitoring and Quality Control

Our innovative SmartTools utilize machine learning to ensure 100% control over the produced components in terms of material quality and geometry. Equipped with advanced sensors, they monitor the pressure on the active parts, tool temperature, structure-borne sound, and tool wear.


Ideal Production Environment

Our hot forming line, equipped with a 1,600-ton press and a table size of 4 meters, is ideal for the production of complex hot-formed inner our outer door rings from various materials, thicknesses, and grades.

We master the entire manufacturing process, starting from the making and patching of blanks, to the precise measurement in vehicle position.

Furthermore, we integrate the innovative Tailored Tempering technology into our door ring systems to produce components that impress with their customized properties. 


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FAQs on Hot Forming


Hot forming, also known as press hardening, is a process in metalworking where metal is shaped at elevated temperatures but below its melting point. Heating the metal improves its mechanical properties, especially ductility, making it easier to shape into various forms. This method is often employed to manufacture complex components with precise dimensions that would be difficult or impossible to achieve using cold forming techniques.